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In this podcast we will meet extra small business owners to learn the history of their business why those chose this field and what is working for them and what's not. An extra small business is a business run by 1, 2 or a small team of people who own and operate their business. For the sake of the podcast this will be a business under 5. We will dicuss social media, creative ways these businesses meet customers needs and find out how they got their first customers as well as many other details of each business.
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Dec 13, 2016
I can easily say I've met some very special people while doing this podcast and I can say that again with this very awesome lady. Daniela Copenhaver is one amazing woman. There are a couple things that stand out to me about her first being her desire to think outside the box. She was at a steady job and recognized that isn't what made her happy and after a few years went all in on her dream. Second, is her creativity. She is a baker and her creations are absolutely mind blowing (check out her Instagram link below). Not only do they look amazing the fact that she uses so many cool flavors in her dishes is a work of art.   She thought outside the box again with how she wanted to debut her brand and where she wanted to see her products carried. She can be found pairing her cupcakes at a local brewery! I love her drive and passion and her ability to think outside the box. She's a beautiful person and I can't say enough about how honored I was to chat with her.         Some topics we discuss are:
  • Leaving a steady job to pursue dreams
  • Having the support of friends and family
  • Why working out of your home is a great place to stare
  • Organic growth
  • Trial and error
  • Becoming a baker or chef without culinary school
    Links to find Daniela and support her business: Instagram Facebook If you haven't already listened to the interview don't forget to listen to Daniela's closing message. She has some special words and I love her authenticity and encouragement to all entrepreneurs and customers.             Thanks for checking out Extra Small Biz and don't forget to subscribe as 2017 is going to be an awesome year!!
Dec 2, 2016

This is a special episode because this is my first return guest and for good reason. John Eckle is a CPA and has come to give us some tips about out taxes. This episode is packed with tips for write-offs and forms you may need. I have never had a contracted employee but John gives us some tips on what we need to consider.
Obviously we are just touching the tip of the ice burg when it comes to taxes in this interview but it's my goal to give you some information so you can at least start getting the dialog going with who ever is doing your taxes.
Below is a list of links we mention and below that is an outline John sent me to help you be the most prepared and questions to consider.

Make sure you're subscribed to the podcast wherever you listen and if you know anyone who could benefit from what John shared please pass this along. :-)

Nov 9, 2016

The Willie Wags is more than just a subscription box company. Owner Jamie Clark saw how women in business were competing and not celebrating each other victories enough. To help bridge that gap The Willie Wags began. Each box contains serval items and most boxes even have a book to help inspire. That is a great thing, but Jamie and her small team (of one at the moment) are also telling the stories of these business owners. 

Be sure to listen in and take hold of Jamie's vision to celebrate women in business and how she overcame challenges and what priorities she had to make in order to launch The Willie Wags. You won't be disappointed, in fact I'm willing to bet you will be inspired. 

Nov 1, 2016
Download Now image1It's been a little bit since a I released a podcast episode and interviewing Christa from Love Lee Rolls I remembered why I wanted to start the podcast in the first place. I want you guys to see what I first saw when it came to Love Lee Rolls. This was a post on Instagram from Mr. Tyson Lee himself and I couldn't help be think "this is exactly what so many extra small businesses do". So many people can relate to this clip. Kids in the kitchen and coming home from work to do more work and maybe support the someone else. This is real life and it's awesome.

Related episodes: Episode 6 - The Grilled Cheese Guy

At the bottom of this page will be links for all the social media outlet to keep up with Love Lee Rolls and I hope you do follow them!

As you will hear a lot of the challenges of running a business out of your kitchen is because of laws that ensure the health of your customers. These are the cottage food laws and if you are planning on selling anything out of your kitchen I would encourage you to research these laws for your state. For the sake of this episode I did link the Mississippi Cottage Food Laws below. Again, be sure to check for you personal state.

My two favorite parts of this episode were when Christa talked about setting boundaries to protect her most important asset and that was her family. As a new business they had just experienced an extremely busy week and the fruit of that wasn't great for them personally as they were exhausted. They realized that they over extended themselves and their date night didn't offer much in the way of connection. And you may say well that's just one week. But that one week can easily turn into one month which can turn into a habit of over extending themselves. Recognizing challenges early and keeping to their priorities will help so many areas, not just their business. My second favorite part was talking about integrity. When you're in business for yourself by yourself no one is looking over your shoulder. If you happen to do some bending of the rules there's no one to know otherwise. Under the Mississippi Cottage Food Laws the Lee's are not able to ship items they sell. And with friends that aren't local that want to support their business their hands are tied. The Lee's could probably sell and send items around the country. But, they have committed to running their business with integrity and that may cause their business to grow more slowly than someone without integrity but they are growing something they can be proud of.


One of the things we mentioned in this episode was a Kickstarter!! Go to this link and check out their progress! Love Lee Rolls Instagram Mississippi Cottage Food Laws BlueHost - Website hosting Outliers by Malcom Gladwell Sugar and Kate You won't want to miss episode 15! I will see you then. So be sure to subscribe to wherever you listen to podcasts and follow Extra Small Biz on Instagram and Facebook. Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.23.11 PM
Aug 11, 2016

In this episode we talk about being very specific with your target market, so much that we actually have a target PERSON, sometimes called an avatar. That's because this person, who we've totally made up, represents our market. If we can clearly define our goals and customers we can spend our time more wisely! It all starts with sitting down and writing honest goals, and then writing down as specific as possible who we are targeting. Give this ideal customer a name, an occupation, and a challenge you can solve. Then we can give our business and identity. Something our customers can know and count on. As well as giving us direction with our business so we can spend our recourse, namely time, wisely.

Jul 28, 2016

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Amazon as an income stream

One of the most important things we can do is to be diversified. That gives us the ability to ebb and flow through market shift and changing tides of technology. Income is also something we need to look at adding addition ways we make money. Amazon offers a few ways to do just that.


Amazon can act as a fulfillment center for you products. There are several ways to get products outside of developing them yourself. I list a few below. Here is more information about utilizing Amazon's fulfillment service.

White labeling

A great recourse for white labeling is a podcast called The Amazing Seller. He really outlines the process much better than I ever could and has had major success.

Retail Arbitrage

A few episodes ago I mentioned my shoutout as The Selling Family. That's actually what spurred on this episode. They focus on retail arbitrage so if this is something that sound interesting to you check them out.


To sell your wholesale products on Amazon the process is done really similarly to the previous two methods as far as sending in your products. Unless of course you having pallets and truck load delivered to Amazon fulfillment centers. The main difference is getting items from a wholesale resource, which can be kind of challenging. But if you know a specific product often times finding a wholesaler in your area is as easy as contacting the product company directly and asking.

Amazon Affilate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is like word of mouth (or site) adverting. A customer buys a product after you recommend them, because they trust you. Companies understand that and want you to recommend them. This is called affiliate marketing. Get more information on becoming an Amazon Affiliate. Many other companies use affiliate marketing, but if you're just getting started Amazon make it pretty easy and give you access to all their products to recommend. Of course it's about building and establishing trust and proving yourself a resource in a niche. So, recommending a play set on your dog walking site may not be beneficial. Amazon has a very low payout but the potential is high. And if you're going to recommend a product some is better than none. Now, the cool part is the 24 hour cookie that Amazon drops when someone clicks your link. After clicking your link ANYTHING the person buys on Amazon you will get 4%-10% on. Think about it. You put out a list of hot items in your niche for Christmas, someone click on that link and decides to do their Christmas shopping with in that 24 hour window, you're in for some good money! And the don't actually even have to buy the item you recommended.

Links Mentioned

Amazon FBA Fees Guide to Getting Online Episode 10 with Brandon Gordon Episode 7 with Adams Tegler Episode 4 with Jay B Sauceda Episode 3 with Piper Weaver  

Jun 28, 2016

There are ideas that come along and you don't know how to see it come to fruition. A physical product or subscription box company may be one of your ideas. But how do you actually.. do it? In episode 10 I talk with Brandon Gordon of Heritage Solutions on just this topic. He is a sales rep that works with businesses to get their packaging and sometimes even fulfillment done. There aren't many companies who do both!

With the help of Brandon I got to wrap my head around walking down this path and at what point do you bring in someone like Brandon. Heritage Solutions works with several companies everyday and they see the market but also want to get involved with startups. Because when they help your business grow, they grow. It's not just about getting a company when their big. It's walking through the process with you. 

Jun 15, 2016

There is no way to do it all. Finances are one of those things better left to the experts!

When I asked some of my peers about a CPA to interview I was give one name by several people: John Eckle.

John is a CPA. And gives us so many insights as an accountant and all around helpful guy. I could see why he was so highly recommended. Because he is a real person and treats others as such. That doesn't sound overly profound, but sometimes we lose touch with the fact that people all start at the same place: the beginning.

Finances are scary and you have to trust someone who examines them and when they can go beyond that and advise you on something so personal as your finances and you business. You have to know that the person has your best interest in mind. Again, I could see why people feel safe trusting those things with John.

We cover a lot and the shoutouts are great! So check it out, give a review and please share the valuable information that John shares. Because information in powerful.

And don't forget to check out my new blog!

Some of the topics we discuss:

Did you know that you can work with and even challenge the IRS on their presumptions?
When is you hobby considered a business?
What is cost benefit?
The devils is in the details
People don't plan to fail but fail to plan
What are key performance indicators?
What is your dynamic plan?
Do you have measurable goals that help you treat your business like a business?


Jun 7, 2016
Download Now parkers-1When I started this podcast I knew I had to have a photographer! I personally know a handful and I just happened to be working on a project at my daughters school with an awesome photographer. I don't tend to struggle with shyness so I asked her to be on my show. The concept was still new and the idea of being on a podcast was rather foreign her but she obliged. After the craziness of said school event and life in general slowed down for a brief moment. I got to sit down with Leah Parker of Leah Dawn Photography. I could not be happier with the outcome of this episode. Intentionality is something I respect in people. Especially when they are intentionally kind and generous. But, being intentional in an extra small business is HARD and Leah is excellent at it. As a mother of three and a successful business owner you have to be intentional. I love her story as someone who was a teacher and couldn't use her creative outlet like she was doing previously in college, she went back to her roots. I love that outside of the box thinking. Leah then went to work under a very respected photographer who didn't let you pick up a camera for sometime in order to understand that care and art in photography. Starting off using film and translating those skills into digital has paid off well for Leah. I'm excited for you to hear about her journey and success as well vision for her business. How to reach Leah: Leah's Website Leah's Facebook Leah's Pinterest Links Mentioned: Canva Canva video introduction Lynda Lightroom Thanks everyone, Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.23.11 PM
Jun 1, 2016

Social media is a beast every business has to deal with. We all understand the power but now always how to use it. I was really interested in what Adams Tegeler, host of Lightbulb Moment, had to say specifically about Google+. I thought Google+ was dead. Just taking up room on the internet. Not the case! Adams share with us some incredibly good reasons why you should write off Google+ and how you can use it in a better way.

There are some great tips throughout the episode but on thing I thought was incredibly valuable was the number of hours Adams and his company suggest you spend on social media. Just how many hours is it? And what do you do if you can't dedicate that time? Adams has some suggestions on how to get the most out of those hours as well as what to do if you can't get those hours in yourself.


May 17, 2016

gcg vistastampSometimes you're a scientist, sometimes your a chef, then sometimes you're a scientist who becomes The Grilled Cheez Guy. That's just what Michael Davidson did. The ultimate east cost competitor did. He and his trusty brick headed to a competition and on the second attempt won and thus The Grilled Cheez Guy was born! That was in 2009 and 7 years later we get to chat with Michael about his business and how he runs his catering/ popup business. It can be challenging, time consuming, and lonely at times. So what does he do to make things work on a daily basis? What are his main struggles? Listen in and don't forget to check out the shoutouts at the end to get some GREAT tips! You won't want to miss them or out next guest! How to find The Grilled Cheez Guy - Michael Davidson Website - Facebook - Twitter - Links Mentioned Laughing Squid Awards and other mentions Rocket Lawyer Up Work

May 10, 2016
Download Now Authentic: genuine, real, veritable share the sense of actuality and lack of falsehood or misrepresentation. -accurate in representation of the facts; trustworthy; reliable: an authentic account We all could probably define authentic, but it's worth clarifying and getting us all on the same page. In episode 5 we don't have a guest, I just take this opportunity to talk about something I'm passionate about: authenticity. I don't claim to do this well but I want to and I understand the importance of it. We talk about the importance of being authentic to yourself and those around you as well as in business. As an extra small business owner, how you conduct and carry yourself personally will reflect in your business. When we make goals for our selves we have to make sure we are being honest and authentic with ourselves, or the goals we make from the skewed perspective will not render results that will make us happy. It all comes back to how we see ourselves. Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.26.27 AM Another one of my favorite and impactful items I share is a TED Talk from Brene Brown. The talk is actually on vulnerability. This TED Talk actually happens to be in the top 11 TED Talks ever. Which says a lot! But I share a portion with you in this episode and have a link at the bottom for the full episode. In the clip I share Brene is talking about connection and feeling worthy of connection. Connection is one of those these we need and want. Both personally and professionally. But we have to think we are worthy of it. There is some direct correlation to authenticity and running a successful business. One of the quote I shared: Authentic businesses inspire and prosper. A bold statement – but one that is very hard to argue with. You might think that by its very nature marketing isn’t authentic, but in the digital age where people are increasingly savvy that preconception is being forced to change. Truth Will Out – Why Authenticity is the Key to Growing Your Business We also go into one of my least favorite quotes: Fake it 'till you make it. This is an old tactic that doesn't work anymore. You're not fooling customers. Customers are smart, and they will find your competitor. Authenticity will allow you to stand out. Links shared: This Woman Stunned Everyone by Faking It Till She Made It for Years The Power of Vulnerability - Brene Brown 11 must-see TED Talks Big Job Interview Scene Zappos Return Policy Truth Will Out – Why Authenticity is the Key to Growing Your Business The Authenticity paradox - Harvard Business Review The Unexpected Benefit of Celebrating Failure   Extra Links:Brene Borwn's SiteGretchen Rubin Thanks so much! Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.23.11 PM
Apr 29, 2016
Download Now aboutus1_1024x1024 I had the privilege of talking with the owner of one of my favorite social media accounts. Jay B. Sauceda created a twitter account for fun to talk about Texas and it took off pretty rapidly and from there he created an online store. But there were a few lessons he learned along the way. He is also the owner of Sauceda Industries and it was exciting to get in and talk to him about his businesses. Jay B. shares some of those valuable lessons as well as tips and insights for businesses. You don't have to be in e-commerce to understand the value of the things he shares. Social media is undoubtedly powerful so we cover a few tips and just how Jay B. got started and some principles he uses in his social media. What about shopping carts? What does Texas Humor use and how has it worked? One thing we need to make sure we as extra small businesses owners need to do is utilize automation and out slouching. We cover a few of those things. I really appreciate how Jay B. encourages entrepreneurs to NOT be a jack of all trades and master of none. I feel like I fall into that category. I can do a lot of things but am I doing any of them well? We should be asking ourselves a lot of questions and my shoutout did just that for me and I hope it does the same for you! Topics Discussed: Intelectual Property Laws - This site seems to cover a lot on the topic Social Media E-Commerce Shopping Carts Jay B.'s Marketing and Photography Career Shipping Fulfillment Centers Outsourcing Links Mentioned: Texas Humor's website Texas Humor's Facebook Texas Humor's Instagram Account Texas Humor's Twitter Jay B Sauceda PhotographyFedEx Great Rates Hotline Tee Springs - Not recommended by Jay B. but mentions as his first platformPodcast on shipping - I mentioned without a name which is Ecommerce Fuel Shopify - Texas Humor's shopping cart and my prefferred online shopping cart Whataburger Instagram Buffer - A smarter way to share on Social Media Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Entreprenuer Magazine Ted Talk Business Amy Porterfiel podcast episode with Pat Flynn Will It Fly? By Pat Flynn Pay Flynn's Website - Smart Passive Income Thank you all! Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.23.11 PM
Apr 21, 2016

_PiperWeaver LogotypeBlack IMG_4794Piper has a sweet soul. You can hear it in her voice. She's also very intentional and driven. That combination to me is without a doubt someone I want to know. She is also someone I would want to work with. Owning a business and especially and extra small business we need to know how to let go of some aspects and bring in a professional. I personally believe the investment of hiring a good graphic designer is well worth their weight in gold. We spend a lot of time talking about Piper working as in a firm as well as freelancing. For most freelancers it can be kind of scary to make the jump to full time. Piper has just recently made that jump but has been freelancing for years. I also enjoyed how she talks about college and the role it played as a graphic designer because I thought those skills could really be learned outside of a formal education and she offers up a few good reasons as to why art school is a good choice. What's in a domain? Piper has a unique one and it really work in her field. Don't forget to Don't forget to leave a review where ever you're listening and I'll see you back on episode 4! Themes discussed: Art schools Working in an agency Stay creative and freelancing with a full-time job Getting client to take a risk Using a .name as a domain Work flow - Pencil then pen then scan - she really puts a TON of effort in How to stand behind her work What is the trifecta in graphic design and how to be a good client Finding others to spur on creativity Being passionate about what you do Links Mentioned: Piper's Website Piper's Instagram Cal Art Rhode Island School of Design Please Write - Piper's Etsy Shop Photoshop Illustrator Working not working Classes and techniques - Jessica Hische Erik Marinovich Cool packaging and design inspiration - Debbie Millman "Design Matters" Podcast The Growth Show - The Power of No The Growth Show Homepage Thanks again, see you on episode 4 with Jay B.! Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.23.11 PM

Apr 21, 2016

Zach is the kind of guy everyone wants to know. He’s a great friend you can count on, has a great music library, and can talk sports better than most and he has some of the best business sense of anyone I know. That being said I bounce just about every business idea off of him and he’s always encouraging and had great insights. He was one of the first people I mentioned this podcast as well.

All the great qualities he has really played into networking. Mainly the indirect networking that I can appreciate. We didn’t talk too much in the interview itself but I spend some time in the intro talking about networking for a few minutes. After going back over the interview I realized how much Zach’s interpersonal skills have helped in his career.

The best part of Zach’s networking is that it comes in the way of supporting others. I tend to think of networking as kind of a sleazy gig. Just handing out a business card to anyone who will listen and bombard people with your business. That’s not how it should be. It should come in the way of supporting others and also letting people know your skills, interest, and your business while building relationships.

As far as working in fire reconstruction Zach brings a lot to the table working in this field in three different states. One of my favorites things about this field is that it’s unique. You have to think outside the box to get into this field. And you may not personally be interested in working in construction but is there a field or a niche that you are in or can target for your customers? What can you do differently? Let’s not be so stuck in the norm that we miss opportunities for growth.

Themes Discussed:

Business models – S-Corp
Business Cards
Working with insurance companies
Lead services


Apr 21, 2016

I have always loved businesses, more specifically extra small ones. Before we get too far, let me define extra small business. It is a business that is owned and operated by 1, 2 or maybe a small team of people that is less than 5. Some things I have always loved about businesses of this size is their ingenuity. These business owners aren't afraid to think outside the box because they often have to. While I have found a lot of companies and that fall into this category. I don't tend to find a lot of helpful information unless it's niche specific. In my interpretation of generalized business materials, I find that a good percent is dedicated to start-ups. And the vast majority are for businesses who want to grow into large companies. Granted, it's not that the information doesn't exist because it does, it's just much harder to find. Each person starts their business with a desire to do a task. Maybe that writes a book or to be a barber. The challenge comes when they have to run the business. Paying taxes, coming up with a logo, websites, social media, moving from hobbies to professional and earning the respect as a business owner from their peers. It's not just a glorified hobby, it IS a business. Outside of their specific niche each company has similar challenges, but they address differently. And those are the stories I love. How does a person take their passion and turn it into a company and get out of their comfort zone to do things they are not familiar with? Each week we will learn about an extra small business by meeting the owner(s) and find out what has worked for them and what hasn't worked so well. By talking to these entrepreneurs we can be inspired and learn a few tips and tricks along the way. A contractor can learn a lot from a stylist and visa versa because each business brings something unique to bring to the table but they also have similar goals. To create and grow a successful business. When I mention grow, that doesn't mean grow as in becoming a large or huge company with thousands of employees. I merely mean grow and change to meet the needs of the business. To be healthy and thriving by adapting to new obstacles. The word success can mean a lot of different things to different people. Ultimately, you have to decide what that looks like. And I'm excited to meet people who define that differently. This podcast is for anyone. If you have been an extra small business owner all your life or are just thinking of taking a hobby to the next level or perhaps you have found a service people need and are willing to create something to meet that need. All are welcome. Thank you for listening and if you know someone who is interested in extra small businesses please, spread the word. Also, don't forget to subscribe and if rate this podcast, especially if you're listening on Stitcher or iTunes. Links: 70% of small business are run by 1 person Thanks for the support! Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.23.11 PM

Apr 20, 2016
Download Now Jasmine & Emily LaughingWhen I sat down to start this podcast I knew I needed guests to interview. As I started to make a list of people I knew who were extra small business owners, immediately Jasmin and Emily flew to the top and for good reason. They have been building an online magazine for just over four years. At the time I interviewed them they had 143,000 followers, it has since grown. The content they have on their site and their social media is both relatable and insightful. Something many sites fall short on. One of the things I really enjoyed about doing this interview was how approachable both Jasmine and Emily were. Even though I've known them for well over a decade, I haven't spoken to them in quite some time. If there's one thing I could ask of any of my guests is would be to be approachable and authentic. They were just that. They mention things that didn't work great for them as well as areas they were finding success, not to mention the amount of laughing I had to edit out for the sake of time. They were just fun to chat with. As with episode and all episodes you won't want to miss their shoutouts. A shoutout is something tangible the guests have used to help them in their business. It may be a blog, book, podcast or perhaps something else. My goal is to give you the listener something you can use in your business. After listening I would love it you would take a moment to review on iTunes Themes Discussed: How to start doing product reviews on your site. You don't need Photoshop to do great graphics Tips for getting started. Monetization for your site. Why it important to check resources for designers. Working with other contributors. How do Jasmine and Emily collaborate? Why blogging isn't for those who need immediate gratification. Creativity and content will drive engagement. What is an online magazine? Links Mentioned: Simply Real Mom's Facebook Simply Real Mom's Twitter Simply Real Mom's Pinterest Simply Real Mom's YouTube Simply Real Mom's Instagram Name Checkr Making Sense of Cents Three Feet From Gold 1194: Amy Porterfield breaks down why FREEDOM is a CHOICE you make every day Voxer Lumberjack Party Miles valentines Bedroom Paintings Hipster Barbie Instagram - No longer operating, but is still up for the moment Cameo II Digital Craft Cutter with 4 Tools Thanks so much! Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.23.11 PM