The Extra Small Biz Podcast

In this podcast we will meet extra small business owners to learn the history of their business why those chose this field and what is working for them and what's not. An extra small business is a business run by 1, 2 or a small team of people who own and operate their business. For the sake of the podcast this will be a business under 5. We will dicuss social media, creative ways these businesses meet customers needs and find out how they got their first customers as well as many other details of each business.
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Aug 11, 2016

In this episode we talk about being very specific with your target market, so much that we actually have a target PERSON, sometimes called an avatar. That's because this person, who we've totally made up, represents our market. If we can clearly define our goals and customers we can spend our time more wisely! It all starts with sitting down and writing honest goals, and then writing down as specific as possible who we are targeting. Give this ideal customer a name, an occupation, and a challenge you can solve. Then we can give our business and identity. Something our customers can know and count on. As well as giving us direction with our business so we can spend our recourse, namely time, wisely.